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Lab manager
@ The Texas Immersive Institute 

  • Manage, share, educate, and demo the practice of immersive through a diverse inventory of cutting edge XR technologies for surrounding Austin communities.

  • Host “Monthly Meetups” that serves as a hub for the Austin community to discuss how immersive technology is a revolutionizing specific industries.

  • Communicate and support faculty research that examines the impact XR tech and Immersive practices can have on a population’s engagement and quality of life.

  • Produce a bi-annual weekend-long Social Impact Build Fest that provides access to XR tech as a tool for participating students to create experiences that address a wide range of social issues.


Creative Director
 @ TEDxUTAustin & TEDxYouth@Austin

  • Collaborated with other executive team members while leading a small team of designers to produce all creative assets.

  • Curated a cohesive creative vision that unified the efforts of the entire student production team.

  • Ensured that content for the event was aligned with the defined culture and brand guidelines of the greater TED organization.

  • Transitioned a planned in-person event into a virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Student Technician
@ The Foundry Makerspace 

  • Taught workshops on how to safely and effectively use a variety of fabrication tools including 3d-printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, cnc mills, and a recording studio.

  • Provided design input and technical support to students working on projects in the makerspace

  • Preformed repairs when the machines broke down

  • Built projects that highlighted the Makerspace’s fabrication capabilities.

Double A.png

Augmented Reality development intern 

@Double A Labs

  • Collaborated with a team of developers to design and build a mobile Augmented Reality application to visualize the effects of various eye diseases.

  • Assisted event producers as they coordinated with clients to create immersive brand activations.

  • Researched industry competitors to help orient company-wide strategy and future projects.

  • Worked on-sight during live events produced for clients

Augmented reality QA Tester
@ hookbang

  • Used Jira to systematically find and document bugs in the “Friends 25” AR Application

  • Documented creative strategy during calls with Warner Brothers and Apple

  • Shadowed developers as they integrated new ARKit features

  • Participated in daily standup meetings with the entire development team

Tumble tecj.jpeg

Tumbling & Parkour Coach 
@Tumble Tech

  • Coached skill-development classes for a diverse set of athletes aged 4-16

  • Created a safe and encouraging environment for young kids to grow as people

  • Designed custom training plans for athletes to reach their goals

  • Learned how to break down complex concepts into digestible lessons that young students are able to follow

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