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Collaboration between: The Texas Immersive Institute  & the Stan Richards School of Advertising


My roles:


CREATIVE director   

this event was designed to show students who don’t consider themselves “tech savvy”,  how immersive technology can be a powerful tool for doing good in the world.

The weekend-long build fest was designed to teach students from all around UT how to use accessible technology tools to make tangible impacts on social issues faced by students on campus everyday. We were inspired by traditional hack-a-thons but felt that we needed to redesign (and rename) what a hack-a-thon is, in order to make it as approachable and accessible as possible for students who had never touched immersive technology before. We gave student teams access to faculty mentorship and cutting edge technology (like the new Snapchat Spectacles) and they built functional prototypes of their social impact oriented projects and then presented them to industry judges for feedback and prizes.

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