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AR circuit design tool

This Award winning AR experience uses the Hololens 2 to teach the basics of Arduino-based electronics and coding in a more engaging, effective, and intuitive way. 


I designed and hosted the first Immersive Technology hack-a-thon at the Univ. of Texas. Teaching students how to use emerging tech to create a positive impact on campus.

TEDx Events

The 8 years I spent on TEDx teams taught me to be the Experience designer, Creative Director, and Event Producer that I am today.

Immersive Meetups +
D.I.V.e Club


Throughout college, I searched for a vibrant community of immersive experience designers and technology futurists.

It didn't exist... so I created one.

"Avatar The last airbender" Photobash

This personal project was an opportunity to flex my Photoshop skills and highlight my all time favorite TV show

 Roses of the rubble: Immersive Experience

This experience uses live theater, escape room puzzle mechanics, and immersive technology to create an original story world for attendees to explore and participate in. 

of the past

Designed for the City of Austin, this web-game connects Austin’s often untold history to the real lives of middle schoolers across the city.

Sneakerhead Research Project 

Hype Beast.png
Retired Lurker-01.png

This research project cataloged the intricacies of the Sneakerhead Community and used the insight to design a tech-infused Sneaker convention. 

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