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Immersive Meetups / D.I.V.e Club

Immersive Meetups:

While working for The Texas Immersive Institute, I hosted monthly meetups that brought students from all over UT to explore the ways technology is shifting the future. Each deep dive included a curated presentation that explains in simple terms, how emerging technology and immersive design are revolutionizing specific industries followed by an industry guest speaker. Afterwards, the events turned into an open conversation for attendees to offer their perspectives, brainstorm new ideas, and connect with like-minded people.  

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D.I.V.E. Club:

These Meetups were so successful that just one event a month was not enough to satisfy the growing appetite on campus for a community of immersive experience designers. In response to this, I founded the D.I.V.E. Student club which meets weekly to discuss immersive technology and build experiences around campus.


The three major goals for this club are:

  1. Promoting immersive technology literacy

  2. Learning practical experience design skills

  3. Providing a collaborative space for students to get support for their immersive projects.


The community we have built provides a unique space on campus to incubate the next generation of immersive experience designers at the University of Texas. 

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