...an immersive experience designer from Austin Texas.


I have passion for Technology, Design, and the magic that comes from combining the two.


EXPLORE THE LABELS THAT help define who I am (or at least how I see myself)



(noun.) - "a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on the current trends of technology and culture

I see that many people my age have a really negative perspective on the future - I feel that it is my responsibility help shift this narrative and encourage people to embrace technology as a tool for creating positive change.

What I love to do more than anything else in the world is learning about the future of technology and understanding how its going to effect the world. A lot of the work I do takes these learnings and breaks them down into easily understandable narratives about the future, allowing individuals and organizations to use this powerful new technology to more effectively reach their goals. if you need help understanding how technologies like AR/VR, blockchain, Artificial intelligence, etc, are going to effect the things you love to do, I am the guy to talk to.



(noun.) - "A person who searches out new information and experiences by means of travel."

Travel is how I stay excited and curious about the world. Trips of all kinds have shaped who I am. no matter how far away I go, I always seem to learn something amazing about the world. I feel like this term also applies to how I live day-to-day

Some of my favorite trips include:

-tokyo, Japan
-Capetown, South Africa
-Queenstown, New Zealand
-burning Man
-Yerevan, armenia

-Rock Climbing at Heauco Tanks, TX
-Backpacking at Flat Tops, CO



(noun.) - "A person who builds things that have never existed before by creativity applying existing tools and their unique perspective."

I love to build things that have never been built before. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or highly technical, just solve a simple problem or do things a little bit differently than have been done before. I value my personal perspective and try to build things that I'm uniquely positioned in the world to create, which has led me to work on tons of interesting projects both in teams and individually. 

I have built large scale stage installations, developed Augmented Reality experiences, and helped design live events for organizations such as TEDxYouth@Austin, TEDxutaustin, and the “Career Fair for the Future”.  On a more personal level, I regularly keep a sketchbook/journal that I use to document creative ideas and make art.


(noun.) - "a person dedicated to their engagement in highly technical, non-mainstream, or little known activities"

Much of my free time is spent engaging in a few nerdy subcultures that I can never seem to shut up about. My favorite video game is Super Smash Bros Melee, a fast paced and highly technical fighting game with a huge tournament scene. I attend weekly competitions in the local Austin area and build custom controllers for the game.

I’m similarly dedicated to my favorite show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have all sorts of fan theories and make fan art celebrating this absolutely incredible show.