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Roses of the rubble: Immersive Experience

A two-night immersive experience produced for the The Texas Immersive Institute's Capstone course

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The Story:

Enter into Trixie’s Quarters, a speakeasy housing the fledgling rebellion against Nox Corp, a tech giant specializing in surveillance technology who have monopolized the glowing blue mineral-turned-invaluable-energy source: Valens.

The head and the heart of the rebellion—Damon and Trixi—invite YOU to join forces and help them assemble the core of their greatest weapon: an automaton named BEN-i infused with a virus to destroy Nox’s surveillance system once and for all.

Live Theater:

Attendees entered into the story world and were able to interact with world and its characters. As they explored, they learned lore and backstory while also discovering how they play a role in the story themselves. Throughout the experience, there were scripted theatric moments including a large climactic finale. 


Escape Room Puzzles:

These collaborative puzzles were woven into the narrative of the experience and allowed the attendees to play an important role in progressing the plot. Each puzzle was facilitated by a character and represented that character’s background and relevance to the story.

Roses puzzle room.jpeg

Immersive Technology Activations:

This production was sponsored by ZEPETO and featured a seamless integration of their Metaverse platform. Many important characters in the story are virtual beings built inside of ZEPETO. All of the clothes worn by these virtual characters were designed by us as well and are available for purchase inside ZEPETO's virtual world. 

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