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Sneakerhead Research Project + Sneaker Convention Design

As a part of the Texas Immersive program,  I worked as the Design Lead for a semester long project culminating in two main deliverables, an "Audience Profile Report" document that breaks down and catalogs a specific community and a "Guest Experience" that uses technology to provide that specific audience a valuable experience 

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After gaining a deep understanding of the Sneakerhead community, we had the information needed to start designing an experience that combined emerging technology with the needs and desires of Sneakerheads. We ended up designing and pitching “Kick in Your Kicks”, a reimagined sneaker convention that uses technology driven activations and industry guest speakers to create a space for Sneakerheads of all kinds to express their love for sneakers with other local Sneakerheads. Learn more about Kick it in Your Kicks via our Pitch Slide Deck or our recorded pitch presentation

Audience Profile Report

Sneaker convention design 

The "Audience Profile Report" is a document that identifies the multiple personas within the sneakerhead community (ex: Retired Lurker) and then presents their wants, needs, frustrations, and desires in a digestible way. While as teammates we collaborated on the interviewing, researching, and writing, I was solely responsible for the graphic design of the report. I had to find ways to graphically represent the entirety of sneakerhead culture as well visualize our multiple audience personas. You can read the whole Research PDF below

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